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After you have registered for free on OrlandoBands.com, members can gain more exposure by requesting an album review or interview by one of our columnists which will be featured on OrlandoBands.com and announced in our monthly newsletter.

To qualify, please follow instructions:
Make sure that each person is a member on the OrlandoBands.com site, with separate login usernames and passwords. This helps support the site and will keep everyone up to date on release info.

Email us a non demanding, polite and spell checked paragraph with:
•    The name of your band/project
•    Your full name (Please do not use nicknames such as "flame, Sorcerer or DJ pimp tight"). We need to know who you are
•    The real names of the other members in the band (if applicable)
•    The name of your album (if applicable)
•    The studio where it was recorded (if applicable)
•    Permissions from your publisher/manager/representation and contact information (if applicable)
•    Your phone number and any alternative contact info you can provide
•    Please include ID3 tags on ALL TRACKS. If you don't know what an ID3 tag is, research it on Google. Without them, your products will appear very unprofessional and detour your fans from knowing your song titles. (optional)

After it is published (which can take up to 4 weeks)

We will..
Publish the article on OrlandoBands.com and announce it in our newsletter and on our social media outlets.

You will..
It is required that you help promote your article. We did it for you after all! :) If you have an email mailing list, a mention and link is required to be present in the issue following the release of the article. Please add This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to your mailing list.

All social media outlets are required to announce the article containing the link to it within one week after its release. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Article Removal
If failure to promote to our specifications the article will be removed and replaced.