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Trouble Logging onto
Changing Your Password / Editing Your Details
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Changing, Updating or Deleting a Weblink
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The Benefits of Signing Up
Becoming a member as a community user, artist/band or industry professional allows you to place your Weblink into our directories and use our free services. We also have periodic special offers for registered members only. Hurry and
register today!

How to Sign Up
Signing up is simple and only takes a couple of minutes. Locate the "
- become a member" button on the home page.. Once you have clicked on it, fill out the simple form completely. After completing the form, you should be directed to a screen that verifies your account. Simply return to the home page and that's it! Don't forget your username and password.

Trouble Logging onto
We are sorry you are having problems logging on. It may be due to these reasons:

1. Did you sign up for an account?
Believe it or not, some people forget to do this! Please see the  "
How to Sign Up" Section of this article

 2. Your Username and Password is Case sensitive!
This means, if you submitted your registration information using a capitol letter, you will have to login using a capital letter.

 3. Your browser settings are not allowing you to log in!
This is an unlikely case in Internet Explorer, but It can happened. Most of the time it is due to a firewall, and your computer is not allowing any "cookies" to get through. Double check this setting by:

Check your Cookie setting by opening an Internet Explorer page, then navigate-->tools-->Internet Options. Now you can the Security Tab to your level of protection. You can set a custom level here as well. Under the Privacy Tab, you can click "Advance" and select more options to adjust your cookie settings.

A) A generally safe setting in most all browsers is:
 -Always allow first party cookies (i.e. cookies from the originating site)
 -Always allow session cookies (i.e. also cookies from originating site)
 -Disallow or prompt for third party cookies (i.e. cookies that are set from banners or pop ups)

BE AWARE! If you have a third party software such as a firewall, or pop-up blocking software running on your computer, you may need to adjust the settings of this as well! Check with the software provider for details on their products.

If all else fails you may want to try using the Mozilla Firefox explorer. You can download this web browser by clicking the following link:

Changing Your Password / Editing Your Details
To change your password, log onto using your existing one. Once you have successfully logged on, locate the "User" menu on the left side of the home page. Click on "
Change Password". A new form will appear, allowing you to edit the details of your account, including change your password.

Link Exchange
How To Submit A Weblink 

*Before we talk about how to post your link, please note that we would LOVE to have a link on your site as well! Please post one of our banners, and show your support ! It is greatly appreciated! Links to our banners can be found here.

Once you have registered with, simply log in using the Login Form. Once you have logged in, locate the “
Submit Web Link” option under "User Menu". Enter the name, Section you want the link to be under, the URL or web address the link will revert to, and a brief description regarding your link and what its about. All links are checked out by an official moderator prior to being posted.

*Publish, Yes/No? You can select yes to have your link immediately posted, however please remember that ALL weblinks are moderated and will be checked out by an representative.

Change, Alter or Delete Weblink
contact us with details on what changes you would like to make to your weblink.

Street Team and Volunteers
We are always looking for new and interesting people to help with our work. Please see our Street Team homepage,
Click Here!

Can I Get a Job at
Feel you would be a great team member? is always seeking a variety of positions including sound engineers, event coordinators and more. Please contact us and submit your resume. 

We have team members from many of the schools in Central Florida area. The Street Team offers a wide variety of learning opertunities. Networking is key, and you are sure to meet many othere in the feild. We normally keep around 15 team members on the project at all times. Please click the "Join Us" option and fill out the Street Team Aplication located on the Street Team Homepage and we will schedule for orientation. If you are a local school and interested in offering an internship program to your students through, please
contact us.

Can You Book My Band?
No, but maybe. is not an authorized booking agency. But, we do produce and sponsor shows and occasionally have open positions for artists to play. To become eligible for these spots, please have your entire band (every member) register on the site and keep an eye on our newsletter as well. This is where we announce any show openings either from branded events or outside promoters/venues.

Have An Idea?
Maybe you have an idea on what this site needs? Or, you think you could possibly develop a division service for Please
contact us if you have any suggestions or are looking for help with your project! Its all about the local community, and we look forward to meeting you soon! 

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